Village Church

We exist at the intersection where the love of God and the life of the city meet. Since our founding in 1967, our mission is to discover the presence of God in the urban landscape-loving, healing, inspiring and transforming its people and places.


We are part of the Lutheran tradition, seeking God through both faith and intellect, and relying on God’s acceptance of our humanity. Village Church encourages an atmosphere of honest spiritual inquiry, where asking questions is as important as finding answers.

Village Church is located at the corner of Juneau and Edison in downtown Milwaukee.

Sunday, 10am Worship

(somewhat traditional-each week experience a different liturgy, often written by members of the community) 


Taize style worship 4th Monday of the month at 5:30pm


Experiential worship/spirituality

every other Monday at 5:30pm (sometimes held at Trinity Three Irish Pubs – across the street)




phone: 414-273-7617

mailing: 130 East Juneau Ave Milwaukee, WI 53202

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