Volunteer for Power Shift by contacting Village.

Our neighbors on the block are bars, restaurants just a few blocks away are concert venues, and soon the Milwaukee Bucks Arena. This makes for vibrant nightlife on our block, especially on the weekends.

In their effort to keep the public safe, the Milwaukee Police Department created their weekend “Power Shift” from 10pm – 3am. This includes the regular night shift officers assigned to the district plus other officers who work overtime. We understand that this can be a difficult job.

To show our appreciation for their work, Village Church created its own “Power Shift”. Village Church is open on the 1st and 3rd Friday of every month from 10pm-3am to offer refreshments to the officers working the Power Shift.

We do not limit our ministry to the men and women in blue. Our open door and open hearts have welcomed bar patrons curious about what’s going on in our building. Villagers and community members who serve on this Power Shift truly feel more connected to our block and empowered in our ministry.

It does take a Village! And when the love of God and the life of the city meet there is truly a Power Shift.


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