Windfall Theatre

Founded in 1992, Windfall Theatre is a non-profit professional theater company with a tthree-production season. Making its home in the heart of downtown Milwaukee, WI in a studio performance space rented from Village Church Arts, 130 E. Juneau, Windfall brings its audience courageous, intensely intimate and alive theater.

The company has brought many critically acclaimed premieres to Milwaukee featuring world premieres from local playwrights and little known gems from renown writers and composers including: Omnium Gatherum, Wittenberg, The President, Nurture’s Wonders, Green Sneakers, The Receptionist, When I Give My Heart, Betty’s Summer Vacation, A New Brain, 100, Boston Marriage, Tan Lines, The Laramie Project, John and Jen and The Heidi Chronicles.

A Windfall is defined as unexpected good fortune. The company takes its name in part for the unexpected good fortune of a tax return that financed its first production and from the unexpected good fortune and serendipitous collaborative elements it takes to create any theatrical event.

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